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AWS, Azure, GCP, Troubleshooting Expert



Bhumi N.


DevOps Engineer

Technical Skills
Projects Worked On
Technical Expert
  • Having 17+ years of experience as an IT professional; major in system and network configurations.
  • Hands on experience in configuring standalone servers in conventional data centers and on cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure and GCP.
  • Expertise in system integration and middleware installation and configuration. Technical support to the software development team for server environment and devops.
  • Implement security as defined by standards like ISO 27001:2013, SOC2, HIPAA, GDPR, PCI-DSS and NIST.
  • Experience of working with Governments, IT Service Providers, Banking and Finance Industries, E-commerce companies and Healthcare industry.
Technical Skills
  • Cloud Computing
  • Cloud SysOps
  • Cloud DevOps
  • Troubleshooting Expert
  • L3 support
  • Cyber Security Compliance
  • Enterprise Network Monitoring
  • Customer Success
Work Experience
  • Major services used on AWS: VPC, EC2, RDS, S3, CloudWatch, CloudTrail, Lambda functions, IAM, Cognito, ElasticBeanStalk, Auto Scaling, Load Balancer, WAF, Secret Manager, Backup, Workspace, Workmail, WorkDocs, SNS, SES, Route 53, Cloudfront, Cloudformation, ECS, ECR, EKS, Codepipeline, Codedeploy , Site to Site VPN, Transit Gateway and others
  • Major services used on Azure: Virtual Machines, Managed Database, Directory Services, Application Gateway and Load Balancer, Web application firewall, SSL termination, Resource Monitoring, Backup, Container Registry and others
  • Major services used on GCP: Compute Engine, App Engine, Cloud storage, Big Query, Cloud SQL, Cloud Deploy, Kubernetes Engine, Containers and others
  • Expertise in Cloud Security tools Guard Duty, Security Hub, Cloud Trail, WAF, VPC & Security Groups, Secret Manager, KMS, DevSecOps, secure coding practices, code and dependency vulnerability scanning
  • Windows and Linux Server installation – Operating System and creating environment for software / code to run, like installing and ensuring availability of compilers, libraries, modules, run time environments etc. PHP, Python, Node, Docker, DEV and similar.
  • Installation of database servers like MySQL, MS SQL, Postgresql and configuring as required by the application
  • Installation of above on Windows or Linux servers on AWS / Azure platforms or using database services offered by AWS / Azure – Platform as a Service
  • Installation and configuration of web servers like IIS, Apache, Nginx, Tomcat
  • Installation and configuration of containers like Dockers and Kubernetes
  • Deploy applications using helm chart on Kubernetes cluster
  • Installation and configuration of Jenkins for CI CD
  • Deploying applications from code repositories to AWS workloads using AWS CI CD
  • Ensuring passwords are not revealed in a pipeline
  • Managing code repositories using Github and integration of the same using CI CD pipelines with different end points / application servers
  • API integrations
  • Provided customized solutions to clients for DevOps environment with atomization on cloud
  • Performing VA and PT of infrastructure and applications using well known tools like Nessus, ZAP, Cloudzap, Green bone, Burp Suit and others. Applying fix based on the findings of the tools
  • Using terraform and cloud formation for IaaC
Projects Worked On
  • Deploying opensource chatbot application on AWS EKS
  • Resolving deployment errors of circle ci pipelines for AWS ECS deployments having multiple deployments
  • Creating HIPAA compliant infrastructure on AWS for angular/node application and configuring CI CD for the same using AWS CI CD
  • Deployed node base application on GCP compute engine using Github actions
  • Automated deployment to AWS instances with failover mechanism for java based application using AWS S3, Code deploy and Code pipeline
  • Configuring Application log upload to aws cloudwatch for longer retention period
  • Website migrations from GoDaddy hosted service to AWS EC2 for e-commerce companies
  • Design and Deploy infrastructure on AWS complying with PCI-DSS security standards for an organization in fintech industry
  • Configuring Alarms and E-mail notification for cloud infra monitoring for many clients across different verticals. These include customized monitoring based on application need
  • Establish VPN connectivity between AWS and on-premise network for a client in fintech industry
  • Resolved IAM policies and permissions issues on AWS for devops and other automation tasks
  • Creating scheduling jobs on AWS and Azure for daily tasks to reduce human efforts for fix repetitive jobs
  • Created automaton scripts and Deployed infrastructure on AWS using terraform / CloudFormation – Infrastructure as a Code
  • CI CD design and deployment on AWS for node.js application using Github, Jenkins and IIS as a reverse proxy
  • Cost analysis of existing infrastructures on AWS and Azure for many clients
  • Validated cloud infrastructure against various security and compliance standards like ISO 27001:2013, SOC 2, HIPAA, GDPR for many clients
  • Provided audit and compliance assistance to organizations during their information security audit by a third-party auditor.

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