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GoLang, React Native, PostgreSQL, Vue.js, TS



Saravanakumar S.


GoLang Developer

Technical Skills
Projects Worked On
Technical Expert
  • Having 8+ years of experience in Software Development as a Fullstack developer.
  • Having 6.5 years of experience in Golang development for many projects
  • As a SeniorTech Software Engineer for Various projects and manage the technicaldeliverables for the projects.
  • Analyzing requirement documents & wireframes for the feasibility & implementation of theFeatures in the web and mobile applications.
  • Having experience in Golang and having knowledge in GRPC, Microservices,Gin , MUX,ENT
  • Having Knowledge in backend languages like coldfusion (CFML), NodeJs
  • Having experience with Docker and Kubernetes
  • Having Knowledge in various cloud services like AWS,Azure.
  • Having Knowledge in various Testing tools like Hasura, Bazel.
  • Having Knowledge in Elasticsearch, Redis for caching and GraphQL
  • Having experience in Front end technologies like VueJS, TypeScript
  • Working experience in versioning controls like Git, SVN
  • Worked on the full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • Having Knowledge in Responsive web page design and Bootstrap, Material UI etc ...
  • Efficient to write the code reusability for Complex Applications
Technical Skills

Basic web technologies: HTML 5, CSS3, JavaScript (ES7, ES6, ES Next, ES5, ES4)

Client-side JS Frameworks: VueJS, TypeScript, React JS

Containers: Kubernetes

Mobile App: React Native

Server-side: GoLang, ColdFusion, NodeJS (Express)

Cloud Servers: AWS, Azure

Database: PostgreSQL, MS-SQL Server, MySql

Project Management Tools: Asana, ClickUp

Projects worked on

Utility Services

Client: Netherlands
Team size: 10

Environment: Golang, AWS lambda, React

Synopsis: It's an application of various utility services like Phone Number Validation,Country Geographical Names,Image Processing, File Conversion., etc ... Those are independent utility services and deployed in AWS lambda.

Role: Develop various utility services by using efficient go plugging or implementing my own logic. Bug fixing on existing utility services and worked on AWS deployment.


Disbursal Finance System

Client: India

Team size: 15

Environment: Golang, GRPC, Kafka, JWT, React

Synopsis: This application allows borrowers to apply for loans online or through a mobile application. The platform provides tools to verify the borrower's identity, assess creditworthiness, and evaluate the risk of lending. Once approved, the system disburses funds to the borrower's bank account or other designated account.

Role: Migrate legacy disbursal finance system application from PHP to golang, Migrate PHP end points into golang with unit testing, and use kafka for Log aggregation.


Flower Farm Management

Client: Republic of Ecuador

Team size: 2

Environment: Golang, Gorilla Mux, Gorm, MS-SQL Server, VueJS, Docker

Synopsis: It is a farm management system and with an e-commerce module it will act as a shopping site too. Developed using VueJS and it connects with the backend using GoLang rest API.

Role: Spec out the old legacy applications, refactor the back end into various standalone REST endpoints using GoLang & Revamped the front end as mobile responsive using VueJS & Bootstrap.


Custom WMS

Client: Italy

Team size: 1

Environment: Golang, AWS lambda, TreeGrid, MySql, Docker

Synopsis: It is a simple startup level custom built warehouse management application which handles inventory tracking across locations, entities & expiry date. It supports QR codes, Barcodes and RFID based tracking too. It has separate supplier & customer Portals.

Role: Develop front end application using Treegrid plugin and create backend endpoints in AWS lambda for TreeGrid operations like read & filter, also done API monitoring , bug fixing ,AWS deployment.


ETL Project

Client: USA

Team size: 5

Environment: Golang, gRPC, Gorm, MYSQL, Postgres

Synopsis: Creating connectors for various databases that help to extract data from one source and load it into another source.

Role: Create connectors and triggers using mysql,postgres,snowflake to fetch data from any source (ie. csv, file, database ) and fulfilling into any other source based on client need.


Custom ERP for clothing industry

Client: India

Team size: 3

Environment: Golang, Mux routers, GORM, Twilio API

Synopsis: Web based ERP application where any kind of clothing products can be bought from the comfort of home through the internet. This application, like all other ERP apps, has a product store, wishlist category, order listing, shipping, cart and user account management.

Role: Implement REST APIs using golang and testing all other APIs created by our team.


GeoDetection Service

Client: India

Team size: 1

Environment: Golang

Synopsis: This application is used to detect the geolocation of the device from the IP Address. We are using the Maxmind service to detect the IP location.

Role: Developing this service from scratch. also implemented an auto CI/CD pipeline process using Jenkins.



Environment: Golang, Java, React JS, Devops

Synopsis: ApyHub is a Developer API Utility belt. Powerful yet simple-to-use APIs that provide standard data and essential functionalities, helping developers save time and boost efficiency. It's utilities as a service that enables your team to increase productivity and go to market faster.


ColdFusion VS-Code extension

Team size: 5

Environment: TypeScript, VS-Code extension, LSP integration

Synopsis: VSCode plugin for CFML with a similar feature set from Adobe ColdFusion Builder Such as Project manager, server manager & panel, RDS file & data source view (using RDS protocol), security analyzer, PMT & code profiler. As well as LSP ( language server protocol) server integration into the LSP client in VS-Code.

Role: Worked on RDS files & Data Source views & security analyzer panels.



Team size: 4

Environment: ColdFusion, jQuery, MS-SQL

Synopsis: The Specialty Health Network (SHN) is an integrated care community of physician specialists and ancillary healthcare providers aligned to optimize the quality of care and patient experience while enhancing provider profitability. Stratus app is used to manage all of these entities (Doctors, ancillary healthcare providers & patients) & discount pricing between the in-house providers & outside providers..etc

Role: We are developing the management system to manage the patients, providers, patient orders(They have taken the treatment from providers), and all the documents related to them using the file manager


Car dealership application

Team size: 1

Environment : ReactNative, ColdFusion, MS-SQL

Synopsis: This is a free car buying application that helps you find new and used cars and trucks for sale near you. It is also a virtual online car dealership SaaS product to Buy, Sell, Shop & Trade new and used vehicles. It has easy-to-use marketing tools and an inventory dealer management system. Dealers can use the application as a lead generating & sales tool for both private listers and professional auto dealers both big and small.

Role: Worked on design & development of database structure, website design, API development & back end development. Worked on VIN number scanning & decoding & get full descriptions from VDP Database. Worked on image editing jQuery plugins to handle nice & effective image uploads in the Car inventory module.


Ecom Services for Wall Paints

Team size: 1

Environment: ColdFusion, Lucee, PostGres, jQuery

Synopsis: Click2Connect is a software development service provider based out of the Netherlands & doing various web application development across the country. Have their custom CMS & building solution on top of that CMS.

Role: Support, Bug fixes & implementation of new enhancements



Team size: 1

Environment: Lucee, PresideCMS

Synopsis: HouseFacks is an online report about the condition of a home. The report is created by a certified home inspector who tracks the repairs and improvements you make to your home over time. That report is a private report (password protected) that can easily be shown to any prospective buyer.

Role: Worked on custom repair tracking application & their marketing website

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