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.Net Core, Web API, Azure DevOps, PostgreSQL, LinQ



Chintan S.


Full Stack Developer

Technical Skills
Projects Worked On
Technical Expert
  • Software Developer with over 10+ years of experience in software development and dynamic web application and responsive web design development using ASP.NET Core, MVC, Web Forms, C#, Web API, Microservices, Angular, React, Dapper, EF Core, Entity Framework, LINQ, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, Telerik Kendo UI, DevExpress/ DevExtreme controls.
  • Experience with Azure DevOps, Azure Functions, Azure Service Bus, Azure Key Vault, Azure Blob Storage, and CI/CD pipelines for automated deployment.
  • Worked with GeoJSON and ShapeFiles for geographic data visualization and analysis in various projects, ensuring accurate mapping and spatial data representation.
  • Hands-on experience in applying Domain-Driven Design (DDD) principles to architect and develop complex, scalable systems.
  • Knowledge and experience of NoSQL database servers like CosmosDB and MongoDB.
  • Knowledge and experience of SQL database servers MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and MySQL.
  • Unit Test, Integration Test, Route Test, Moq, xUnit, NUnit.
  • Onsite (Exp.): I have 2 months of on-site experience at Dubai and Abu Dhabi (UAE) for Employee Self Service Project (ESS)
Technical Skills
  • C#, .NET Core, ML.Net, .NET Framework, Web API, Microservices, Asp.NET MVC, Windows services, Entity Framework, Linq, SignalR, RabbitMQ, Elasticsearch in .Net.
  • Azure DevOps, CI/CD pipelines, Azure Active Directory, Azure Function, Azure Service Bus, Azure Blob container, Azure Key Vault, Azure Cosmos DB.
  • Angular (1 and above), JQuery, JavaScript, AJAX, HTML, CSS, Responsive Web Design using Bootstrap and Foundation 5.
  • Kendo UI, React Kendo UI, DevExtreme Tools, Speech Recognition Technology (SAS API).
  • Unit testing, integration testing, route testing, Moq, xUnit, NUnit.
  • Object Oriented Design, Design patterns, Repository and Unit of Work Pattern.
  • Visual Studio, TFS, GIT, JIRA.
  • CosmosDB, MongoDB (3.4), Microsoft SQL Server, Azure SQL Server, Azure Storage, MySQL (5.7), PostgreSQL.
Projects worked on


Technology: .Net Core 3.0, C#, ASP.NET Zero, Angular 15, TypeScript, Ng2-charts plugin, CosmosDB.


  • Understanding the existing Klixter legacy application. Developing video module using Angular 15 and integrated video player in web page. Developed Chat module using SignlarR.



Technology: .NET Core, C#, Azure Function, Azure Service Bus, Azure Blob container, Azure Cosmos DB, Microservices.


  • Developed Azure Functions. Developed Azure Service Bus and Azure Event Grid for batch jobs. Used xUnit for Unit testing.


Grizzly bolt

Technology: ASP.NET MVC, Web API 2(C#), Windows Service, CosmosDB, Open Layers library, Azure Key Vault, GeoJson, Shape Files, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery.


  • Designed application and database architecture. Developed interactive map module using Open Layers library in Angular 10. Developed chart module for forecast chart using D3 JS.


EHR Solution – GeeseMed

Technology: Angular 13, TypeScript, Bing Map in Angular, Web API (C#), SQL Server 2014, Design patterns, Thread programming.


  • Requirement gathering, developing modules based on requirements. Developed Speech Recognition feature (SAS API). Developed reusable angular component for schedule appointment. Developed Angular component Map module using Bing Map library.


Web application to Create Dynamic Web Form

Technology: .NET API, C#, EF Core, LINQ to Object, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, CosmosDB.


  • Took participation in the Analysis for define the Database structure. Used jQuery Drag and Drop Component to implemented drag and drop functionality so user can easily select/drag the html controls to create a dynamic form. Worked on modules to support Multi-Tenancy.

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