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Embedded C, Toradex, MQTT, iOT, ESP 32



Vedant S.


Embedded Engineer

Technical Skills
Projects Worked On
Senior Level
  • 6+ years of Experience in Microcontroller and 8 months of Experience in Microprocessor to design, develop and debug firmware/software in Embedded Systems with multiple industries including Healthcare, Automotive, Consumer Electronics, IoT and Semiconductor
  • Evaluates, defines and communicates new standard methods and concepts of technology
  • Ability to communicate and work effectively within cross functional multiple development teams. Proficient in participation in design of firmware based on providing functional specifications and requirements
  • Provide post production support by identifying complex technical issues, evaluating options and implementing solutions
Technical Skills
  • Embedded C
  • Firmware Development
  • Embedded Linux - AOSP
  • GIT Tools, NXP, Toradex
  • Stm32, Renesas
  • Nuvoton Atmel, PIC
  • Esp32 ESP-IDF
  • Internet of Things-IOT
  • VS code, MPLAB X IDE,
  • Keil, CS+, Cube IDEs
  • 32 bit MCU, SWD/JTAG M0+, M3, M4, M7, M23, M33
  • FreeRTOS
  • MQTT
Projects worked on

Scheduler based Heat index Monitoring System

Description: Scheduler based Firmware Application development with integration of humidity and temperature sensors and publish data on cloud via gsm and Wi-Fi modules and update the application.

Technologies: Technology developed on esp32 microcontroller, Cloud communication achieved through Esp32's Wi-Fi and BG-95 module. For measuring heat index use sht21. Schedulers can be configured using MQTT and BLE. Applications can be updated over-the-air (OTA) and also using BLE. IDE: ESP-IDF framework in VS Code.


Automated Smart Home System

Description: Create a firmware application that register the devices on cloud and mobile applications and perform 2 way communication from device to app and app to device.

Technologies: Device has Esp32 micro-controller, 12 - Channel QTouchADC. AWS Cloud communication, MQTT. AP and STA are both modes used. Applications can be updated over-the-air (OTA). IDE : Esp-Idf framework in VS Code.


Android Linux (AOSP) based Automotive Display

Description: To bring-up Temperature and Humidity sensor, Accelerometer and Gyroscope sensor, Ambient Light sensor and Magnetometer, EG-25 LTE module, Ethernet, Touch and Non-Touch display, SIM card, SD card, GPIOs. Device tree modification for Sensors, Ethernet, Touch and Non-Touch display, SIM card, SD card, GPIOs. In Kernel, modifications are done for Touch screen Driver, Sensor Driver. Daemons created for RIL, GNSS service and custom LTE service.

Technologies: Toradex Apalis IMX8QM (NXP) SOM and IXORA Carrier board, EG-25 LTE, KSZ9131 Ethernet PHY, Custom LVDS Displays, LSM6DSL Accelerometer and Gyro sensor, MMC34160PJ Magnetometer, SHT31 Temperature and Humidity sensor, VCNL4030 Ambient Light Sensor.


Innovative Handheld Facial Care Device

Description: Prepare a TCP server client based application that works as a server for providing data to mobile and works as a client to update the application version. Integrate a camera to provide streaming on mobile apps.

Technologies: Esp32 used as Camera host and Wi-Fi module. 5MP OV5640 image sensor, AP and STA both modes used. Applications can be updated over-the- air (OTA). IDE : Esp-Idf framework in VS Code.


CAN based E-bike Display

Description: Touch GFX based application creation that is compilable with STM's cube IDE to fulfill the requirement of graphical display. Create an application flow to change the display screens on a CAN bus event.

Technologies: STM32F750 microcontroller, 4.3 inch Capacitive Touch Display, STM's Touchgfx Library, CAN Emulator, STM32CubeIDE.


Other Project Tools and Technology

Projects: Raspberry Pi and IOT: Smart Helmet, Women safety equipments, Smart Door Lock, Movement Tracking Device, Multi-user weighbridge monitoring device

Tools & Technologies: logic analyser, oscilloscope, programmer, debuggers, OpenCV etc.

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