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Odoo, XML, Python, PostgreSQL, API Integrations





Odoo Developer

Technical Skills
Projects Worked On
Senior Level
  • 8.4 Years of Experience as a Software Developer, and currently working as a Senior Odoo Developer.
  • Proficient in Odoo development and customization, with expertise in Python, XML, and PostgreSQL.
  • Highly skilled in working with Odoo versions 8 to 17 (Latest), including backend and frontend development, custom module creation, third-party API integrations, and using Windows 7 and above, Ubuntu 14.04 and above.
  • Experienced in deploying and configuring Odoo instances on cloud platforms like AWS and on-premises setups.
  • Demonstrated success in handling large-scale Odoo migration projects.
  • Experienced in module migration, API integration, and web technologies.
  • Adept at using tools like JIRA, GitHub, BitBucket for efficient project management.
  • Strong problem-solving skills, ability to work in teams or individually, and excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Experienced in customer handling, requirement analysis, and issue resolution.
  • Proven success in managing and delivering multiple projects.
Technical Skills

Programming Languages: Python, XML

Frameworks: Odoo

Database: PostgreSQL

IDE: Eclipse, PyCharm

Architecture: MVC

Versioning Control: Github

Operating System: Windows 7 and above, Ubuntu 14.04 and above

Projects worked on

Sales Automatic Workflow

Description: The Sales Automatic Workflow is a sub-application designed for use with eCommerce connectors. It automates the processing of sales orders, transitioning them from the draft state (quotations) to the registered payment of invoices, based on configurations set within the application. Users can specify the level of automation and decide which steps they wish to handle manually by selecting the appropriate checkboxes in the workflow instance. Available options for customization include Confirm Sale Order, Validate Pickings, Force Validate Pickings, Create Invoice, Force Invoice Date, Confirm Invoice, and Register Payment. This process can be executed manually as needed, or the system can process it automatically at regular intervals if scheduled actions are enabled.

Technology Stack: Odoo version 10, Python language, XML, PostgreSQL, GitHub

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Product Development and Testing of various test case scenarios.
  • Pre-sale application demo and post-sale support with bug fixes if any.


Odoo – Shopify Connector

Description: The Odoo–Shopify Connector enables seamless synchronization between Odoo and Shopify, allowing for the synchronization of customers, products, sale orders, product delivery status, product quantities, payment statuses, and more. Initially, data can be imported or exported based on the system the client is currently using to map master data, such as products and customers. Subsequently, orders created on Shopify can be imported into Odoo, and payment confirmations can be updated according to the system used for customer payments.

Technology Stack: Odoo version 12, python, XML, PostgreSQL, GitHub

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Analysis of available API endpoints and format to import / export data.
  • Product development and testing of various scenarios.
  • Pre-sale application demo and post-sale support with bug fixes if any.


Third-Party Logistic Connector

Description: Third-party logistics (3PL) connector for Odoo enables seamless synchronization of product and stock data with third-party logistics service providers. This connector uses FTP to transfer data, as the client's 3PL provider does not support API-based data management. Through this integration, Odoo transmits purchase quantity details along with product information, allowing the 3PL provider to accurately anticipate incoming stock. For sales orders, Odoo sends product and quantity details along with the customer's address to facilitate efficient shipping management by the 3PL provider.

Technology Stack: Odoo version 8, python, XML, PostgreSQL, GitHub

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Third-Party Connected module development and testing of various case scenarios
  • Client demo and deployment on the client’s server


Odoo – Taxjar Connector

Description: Odoo – Taxjar Connector is used to calculate taxes on sales done by businesses. Odoo calls an API when a sales quotation is created to get the tax amount based on product type, company address and customer’s address. API responds with tax amount for the same which makes tax calculation easy and accurate.

Technology Stack: Odoo version 9, python, XML, PostgreSQL, GitHub

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Analysis of available API endpoints and format to import / export data.
  • Client Communication and Requirement Gathering.
  • Module development and testing of various scenarios.
  • Deployment on Client’s Server.


Freight Management

Description: Freight management encompasses the entire process of shipping goods and containers via vessels, from inquiry to delivery and the return of the vessel. This includes managing contracts and tracking vessels, with the ability to display their locations on a world map.

Technology Stack: Odoo version 15, python, XML, PostgreSQL, JS, OWL, GitHub

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Tracking management, get coordinates of the vessel and show it on a map.
  • Show a map on the Odoo portal with the ship’s current location and path from origin to destination including roads, rails and seaways.
  • Calculate CO2 emissions for every mode of transport used with showing estimated time of delivery on the map.

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