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Python, Node.js, React.js, No Code/Low Code



Vaibhav K.


Full Stack Developer

Technical Skills
Projects Worked On
Associate Level
  • Having 1.5+ years of experience in frontend and backend technologies, delivering fully-functional solutions and utilizing rapid development platforms to validate new problem statements efficiently.
  • Skilled in leveraging React JS, JavaScript, Python, Wix, and Shopify to build robust and scalable web applications that meet client requirements and exceed expectations.
  • Dedicated to implementing responsive design structures using Bootstrap and MaterialUI frameworks, combined with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, to enhance the overall web user experience and accessibility.
  • Coding, Compiling, Unit testing, integration and deployment of software products
Technical Skills

Languages: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Python, C++

Frameworks: ReactJS, Flask, Django, NodeJS, Bootstrap, Tailwind CSS, Material UI, Ant Design

Database: MySql, MongoDB

Code Versioning: GitHub

Tools: VS Code, JIRA, Asana

Web servers/Cloud: Netlify, Render, Docker

Low code/ No code Platforms: Wix Editor, Wix Studio, Shopify

Operating System: Windows, Ubuntu

Area of interest: Web Application Development

Projects worked on

Tracking Tales - A Travel Blog

Technology: ReactJs, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Material UI,, Redux, React-router-dom.

Description: In this web application users have to subscribe to explore a diverse range of blogs and share their insights through reviews, fostering a vibrant community. the administrator enjoys the freedom to craft bespoke blog content, ensuring each piece meets the desired specification and preference. and the administrator gains access to a comprehensive admin panel featuring an array of graphs and charts.


Bicycle Spot

Technology: ReactJs, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Ant Design, Redux, React-router-dom.

Description: This project led the development of a dynamic e-commerce website using ReactJS, Redux and UI/UX design catering to bicycle enthusiasts. Some of the features are customizable themes, user authentication, a user friendly product catalog, search and filtering options on product page.


Sahayak - A Health App

Technology: Python, Django, ML/DL, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

Descriptions: It helps patients to identify diseases like Diabetes, Skin Infection, and Pneumonia with an accuracy between 90-95%. It can also book appointments with different doctors and order medicines from pharmacy stores.


OCR Application

Technology: Python, Flask, ReactJs, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Docker, Jira

Description: This Project focuses on extracting contact details in excel format from business cards using various image processing methods and python libraries like pytesseract and EasyOCR. A web application has been developed to help the sales team, they just need to click photos of business cards and upload them, then create a record of different companies' contact details in excel sheets.


GyaanOverflow - A Forum Service

Technology: Python, Flask, Javascript, Ajax, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, MongoDB, Render

Descriptions: This web application that allows users to upload their queries and other users to solve their queries. It supports different formats like pdf, image and video. it also supports markdown features for better visualization. And it is also deployed on render.


Projects Worked On: Low-Code/No-Code Platform

Technology: Wix studio, Wix editor, Shopify


1. Coffee-Station :

    • Landing Page [Home]
    • About Us
    • Product Pages
    • Create a pages for Policies
    • Contact us page for Inquiries

2. Marudhar aluminium industries:

    • Landing Page [Home]
    • Product Listing page
    • Product description page

3. AI as a Service:

    • Home page

4. Edit by kash - Shopify Store:

    • Landing page
    • Product page
    • Contact us page
    • Payment integration
    • Different Add-on integration for product variants

5. Native Homes:

    • Landing Page [Home]
    • About Us [Host]
    • Forms Integration [Domestic Guest Form, International Guest Form, Inquiry Form]
    • Policies Page[Damage Policy, House Rule Policy, Check Out Policy]

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