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React Native, GraphQL, Redux-saga, TS, Flipper, Supabase



Parag B.


React Native Developer

Technical Skills
Projects Worked On
Mid Level
  • Having 5+ Years of Experience of Products development and deliverance of application within time. Having problem-solving ability and good communication skills which helps to understand the client requirements.
  • Having good experience as a React native developer.
  • Having good experience of App deployment.
  • Having Knowledge of CodePush.
  • Having good experience with Git, Postman.
  • Good at Database and application unit testing with data.
  • Good at HTML and CSS.
  • Good at JSON manipulation.
  • Having good knowledge of API fetching (REST and using Postman) for applications.
  • Following Agile Methodology to develop applications.
  • Have knowledge of SQL and have the ability to write queries.
  • Good knowledge of SqlLite and Redux state management.
  • Having good experience of Project clones and changing package names.
Technical Skills
  • Proficient in Redux, Redux-Saga, Mobx, Recoil, Flipper, REST API, GraphQL, Firebase, Supabase, In-App Purchase,, Payment Gateway integration, and Responsive Design.
  • Skilled in JavaScript, TypeScript, React Native, HTML, and CSS.
  • Experienced with IDEs such as VS Code, Android Studio, and Xcode.
  • Proficient in tools including Postman, Jira, Asana, SourceTree (GitHub), Figma, and XD.
Soft Skills:
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Ability to thrive under pressure.
  • Excellent decision-making abilities.
  • Effective time management skills.
  • Self-motivated and driven.
  • Proficient in conflict resolution.
  • Demonstrated leadership capabilities.
  • Adaptability to dynamic work environments.
Projects Worked On

Nature Nuskha


  • Ecommerce Application for managing products, order, users, notifications & Stripe as a Payment Gateway with wordpress API.
  • Ecommerce Application for managing products, order, users, Logistics, reward points redemptions, notifications & Referral management.
  • This application for Maharashtra farmers for purchasing seeds and plant fertilizer.




  • This application allows users to record their menstrual cycle symptoms over several days or months. Based on these inputs and calculations provided by a doctor, users will receive personalized results.
  • This application facilitates sales and purchases of goods at both domestic and international levels. It features five different roles—salesperson, sales manager, account person, account manager, godown keeper, and godown manager—each with its own distinct workflow.
  • The sales department can create and approve visits, then share visit approvals with the account department.
  • The account department manages tasks such as cash or online payment requests from the company's finance department. After order confirmation, all responsibilities are handled by the godown keeper until dispatch. In app notification played very important role for all these functionality.


City Rewardz


  • This application is designed for residents of Dubai.
  • City Rewardz is the ultimate loyalty marketplace designed to gather all your favourite brand loyalty schemes into one single application.
  • Use the app to get rewarded for every purchase you make and share your feedback on every purchase. I have worked on maintaining features such as gift cards and loyalty programs.



  • Thisapplicationisdesignedfororganizations,where each user creates a login password from the admin panel.
  • Through the app, called Altruist, employees can access special discounts on everyday purchases and exclusive amenities like a beach and gym for relaxation and exercise.
  • The app also offers a concierge service to help manage personal tasks, aiming to enhance work-life balance.

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