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Tibco Administartor, Tibco Hawk, Oracle, C++, Java, Tortoise SVN






Technical Skills
Projects Worked On
Senior Level
  • Having more than 8 years of extensive IT experience in providing integration solutions using Tibco.
  • Experienced in handling both development and support projects.
  • Sound understanding of enterprise integration and messaging patterns.
  • Sound knowledge of TIBCO Architecture and infrastructure.
  • Experienced in implementing integration solutions using industry standards like SOA, ESB, REST and Web Services.
  • Experienced with XML concepts, frameworks, JSON and industry standards.
  • Experienced in working with API’s and Salesforce.
  • Extensive experience on Working with TIBCO Active-Matrix Business Works, EMS, Administrator, Hawk, Business Connect and configuration of Adapters.
  • Good understanding and knowledge on TIBCO BPM
  • Studied and prepared detailed plans and requirements for change requests, trouble requests, and enhancements.
  • Experienced in resolving business / technical issues in production, coordinating with other technical teams and external vendors.
  • Planed and conducted Unit and System Integration Testing in line with the Test Strategy provided by the Projects.
  • Developed generic framework for logging and error handling.
  • Experienced in handling migration and up gradation projects.
  • Experienced with product & Fixpack installations and version upgrades.
  • Experienced in implementing performance tuning, load balancing and load testing of services.
  • Experienced in resolving network issues related to TIBCO Infrastructure.
  • Involved in production support and resolving P1 issues.
  • Experienced in working in a hybrid onsite, offshore type of implementations.
  • Responsible for task planning, technical direction, risk management, code inspections, quality control, performance reviews.
  • Strengths include excellent communication skills and being able to collaborate with large number of technical & functional stakeholders.
Technical Skills

TIBCO Tools: Tibco Active-Matrix Business Works 5.13 and 6.x, Tibco Administrator, Tibco EMS, Tibco ADB, Oracle Apps, File and LDAP Adapters, Tibco Hawk, Tibco Business Connect, Tibco Policy Manager, Tibco BPM

Databases: Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Oracle, IBM DB2 8.1.5, MS Access 2000.

Development Tools: IBM® Web Sphere Studio Application Developer Integration Edition 5.1.1

Ticketing Tools: Remedy, Sales Force, Alliance case tool.

Deployment Tools: Kinatana Deployment tool was developed by HP

Other tools: Perforce, Tortoise SVN, Win SCP, GIT, Putty, Control M, Soap UI, Jenkins, Jira

Programming Languages: C, C++, Java, J2EE, COBOL, XML, XSLT, PL / SQL

Projects worked on

ITS Kuwait

Technology: Tibco Active Matrix Business Works 5.13 & 6.3.; Designer 5.10, EMS, Hawk, ADB Adapters, Tibco BW studio 4.0

Project Description: ITS is a financial domain based software company managing banking and wealth management solutions for customers in middle east.

Roles and Responsibility:

  • Working with Business to understand the current state and integration requirements of theproject.
  • Design and development of integration solution and interfaces.
  • Design of messaging patterns and other security aspects like transport protocols, authentication, and certificates.
  • Defining, managing, and coordinating all the business processes across application using TIBCO Business Works based on TIBCO best practice guidelines.
  • Involved in enhancing the set of Best Practice patterns which are created to standardize the Project Structure that included Common Logging Service, Alerting Service, Error Handling Service, and reporting.
  • Developed BW processes for data transformation, validation, and translation.
  • Developed Web services and APIs for integration requirements.
  • Involved in integration with Salesforce API’s and other legacy billing systems.
  • Developed xml canonical data model.
  • Involved in production hot fixes and support.


MLC Wealth

Technology: Tibco Business Works 5.11; TIB/Administrator 5.6, TIB/EMS 6.1, Designer 5.8, Soap UI, Policy Manager.

Project Description: MLC is a management partner providing investment, superannuation, insurance, and financial advice to corporate, institutional, and retail customers. All the super fund erollover’s will flow through Tibco talking to various admin systems like Compass, Eclipse, AWD, and Mainframe. Tibco is the key assert as most of the business transactions flow through it.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Involved in both development and support activities.
  • Gathered requirements from business users and converted them into functional and technical requirements documentation.
  • Walkthrough of the design with the assert teams.
  • Involved in building low level design.
  • Development and testing of interfaces.
  • Responsible for build, system and UAT testing.
  • Built new web services in tibco to talk to external partners like AWD.
  • Involved in resolving web-services connectivity and firewall issues.
  • Involved in API integration with external partners.
  • Worked on CA API Gateway Layer.
  • Involved in Design and build of canonical data model xsd.
  • Involved in Integration with MQ and Mainframe.
  • Involved in debugging of various defects reported in SIT and UAT phases.
  • Setting up ControlM and Jenkins jobs.
  • Coordinating with other assert teams to resolve dependencies and issues during the course of execution of the project.
  • Preparation of end user documentation and operational manuals for the development done and giving KT to other team members.
  • Worked on enhancing the generic retry framework capabilities for systematic retry of failed transactions.
  • Involved in setting up EMS Queues/Topics/Bridges and performance tuning of the EMS server and configuring it to be fault tolerant.
  • Maintenance of non-production tibco environments.
  • Prepared automated reports for eRollover file processing which are used by business users.
  • Handled production support which includes, scheduling, and processing, as well as job a bends and corrections, problem reporting, change control, and automation. Ensured SLAs were met and serve as point of escalation.
  • Worked with third party vendors like IBM, Telstra and AWD in resolving issues.
  • Involved in identifying the root cause and resolving incidents assigned to the group.
  • Identified manual processing deficiencies, and instituted automation techniques.
  • Supported weekend systems upgrades and other maintenance activities.
  • Provided technical support and knowledge of system availability times; in need of back outs, would set up conference calls to engage technical resources to coordinate action plan.
  • Performed disaster recovery tests to ensure system availability and functionality
  • Maintained and monitored production system alerts and provided triage support for priority one and two system outage.
  • Assisted in streamlining processes to reduce and make daily workload more efficient.
  • Attended daily status meeting to follow-up and resolve outstanding issues.
  • Provided on-call support during non-working hours and weekends.
  • Involved in resolving web-services connectivity and firewall issues.
  • Development and maintenance of all technical documentation.
  • Organized different support teams and managed P1 calls for rapid problem resolution.
  • Communicated state of service availability and continuity to business units.
  • Wrote and executed SQL queries for reporting and research purposes.
  • Analyze system errors and troubleshoot network, server, and database errors
  • Involved in doing Health check of production systems and other lower environments systems
  • Worked as pod master, coordinating with offshore team in allocating work and getting it done.
  • Creating CR’s, incidents in Remedy.
  • Worked on enhancing the generic retry framework capabilities for systematic retry of failed transactions.
  • Involved in setting up EMS Queues/Topics/Bridges and performance tuning of the EMS server and configuring it to be fault tolerant.
  • Involved in dry-runs and production release activities.


Application Management Services

Technology: Tibco Business Works 5.9; TIB/Administrator 5.6, TIB/EMS 6.1, Designer 5.7, Business Connect 5.3, ADB Adapter 6.1, Oracle Apps adapter 5.4 and LDAP adapter 5.4.

Project Description: Headquartered in Santa Monica, California, Activision Blizzard, Inc. is a worldwide pure-play online and console game publisher with leading market positions across all categories of the rapidly growing interactive entertainment software industry. Tibco is used as an integration platform between the Activision ERP system and the trading partners. All the Supply chain, Finance and HRMS business transactions flow though Tibco middle ware. In Supply Chain, the sales orders and purchase orders are real time services. Sales order and PO lines that are pick-released in the Activision Blizzard (AB) Oracle system should be sent to the 3PL warehouses. On receipt of the files, the trading partner will load the data into its system allowing it to initiate its shipping process. Business connect is used as a component to transfer these files to the trading partners. In SCM we have interfaces like (PO outbound, PO inbound, Sales outbound, Ship confirmation inbound, logical inventory inbound, item master outbound). In Finance we have interfaces like daily rates, monthly rates, diners etc which picks up files from treasury and vendors and loads the data to oracle system. In HRMS we have HR to AD interface, All changes happening to HRMS system will be updated to active directory through Tibco interface using LDAP adapter. Apart from this we also have the payroll and benefits interfaces in Tibco.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Leading both the Support and Development teams.
  • Communicating with the business and functional teams in understanding the requirements and building the design.
  • Responsible for task planning, technical direction, risk management, code inspections, quality control, performance reviews.
  • Coordinating with the Oracle apps team during design, development and integration testing.
  • Development and testing of interfaces.
  • Deployment of code in DEV, UAT and PROD environments using manual as well as scripted deployment procedures.
  • Configuration and setup of trading partners in Business connect.
  • Involved in integration with Sales Force and Active Directory.
  • Involved in integration with Fusion HCM.
  • Adopted FTPS and SFTP protocols to ensure secure data transfer to all the external partners.
  • Monitoring and managing the application in PROD through Tibco Administrator.
  • Performing code reviews and providing suggestions for enhancements and better performance.
  • Consulting with business users, trading partners and application teams for design as well as resolving issues during production support.
  • Configuring Oracle Apps, ADB and LDAP adapters.
  • Creation and monitoring of queues, topics and bridges.
  • Working with tibco support in resolving business critical issues.
  • Work experience on Tibco upgrade, which involved upgrading of the Tibco environment and code to the latest versions.
  • Involved in providing 24*5 production Support, resolving tickets raised by business and functional users.
  • Supported maintenance activities during the network, DBA outages.
  • Involved in integration with Sales force.
  • Updating the status and progress to the customer on weekly basis during the review call.

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