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JS, AWS, Wix, Shopify, MySQL, Velo, HTML/CSS



Twinkal C.


Frontend Developer

Technical Skills
Projects Worked On
Senior Level
  • With over 4 years of experience as a project coordinator, I am eager to transition into a Software Developer role and further advance my career in the tech industry.
  • My goal is to leverage my exceptional technical skills in coding and software development to meet clients’ specific needs and contribute to enhancing the reputation of the company.
  • I have a proven track record of implementing responsive design structures using frameworks like Bootstrap, coupled with JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3, to ensure an enhanced web user experience.
  • As a detail-oriented professional, I have utilized Git for version control, ensuring seamless collaboration and efficient management of codebases throughout the development process.
  • Additionally, my familiarity with the Software Development Lifecycle enables me to effectively navigate each stage of development, from initial concept to deployment and maintenance.
  • Known for my collaborative approach, I thrive as a team player while also possessing the ability to work independently to drive projects forward.
Technical Skills

Languages & Frameworks: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap4, JavaScript, React.JS, Angular

Database: MySQL, SQLite

Low/No Code Platforms: Wix Editor, Wix Studio, Shopify

Code Versioning: GitHub, GitLab

Tools: VS Code, Postman, Jira, Swagger

Web Services: AWS, S3, Ec2

Operating System: Windows, Mac

  • Wix Certified - Velo Developer
  • Wix Accessibility Certification
Projects Worked On


Technology: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap

Description: Builders is to ensure a system which will help people to manage their building/ Renovation project in an organized way, where they have complete control and an oversight on their finances, tasks, goals & accomplishments.


Solar Roof India

Technology: React.JS, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Description: Solar Roof aims to help you navigate the process of getting solar panels on your terrace, roof, or land, by connecting you to the solar installers in your area. Solar panels can mean a lot of savings for you and at the same time they are beneficial for the environment.



Technology: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript

Description: Eykrom is a buying and selling website like OLX.



Technology: Angular, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap

Description: Story Duel is a platform for developing a student's language and writing skills.


StoryWars Talk

Technology: Angular, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap

Description: StoryWars Talk is an interactive cloud platform for classrooms, online meetings and discussions to help you record, analyze and store participant recordings.


Sports Monkey

Technology: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Angular

Description: Sports Monkey is an app for booking of a Sport Spot, which will show total no of sport spots in the particular city and will also show the available spot for booking and playing different sports in the given time slots.


Projects Worked On: Low-Code/No-Code Platform

Technology: Wix studio, Wix editor, Shopify, Velo


Royal Voyager:

    • Home Page [Landing Page]
    • SignIn/ SignUp Page
    • Services Listing & Details Page
    • Book Services Form Integrations
    • About Us
    • Contact Us
    • Automations


iView Labs:

    • Home Page [Landing Page]
    • Multiple Forms Integrations
    • Our Case Studies - Listing & Details Page
    • About US
    • Career Page
    • Services Page
    • Blogs
    • Automations
    • SEO Integrations


Dr Bharat Shah:

    • Home Page [Landing Page]
    • Form Integration
    • Whatsapp Chat Integration
    • SEO Integrations


Native Homes:

    • Landing Page [Home]
    • About Us [Host]
    • Forms Integration [Domestic Guest Form, International Guest Form, Inquiry Form]
    • Policies Page[Damage Policy, House Rule Policy, Check Out Policy]


Mass Transit Equipment:

    • Landing Page [Home]
    • About Us
    • Form Integration [Inquiry Form]
    • Product Page & Sub Product Pages


Rent Eco

    • Profile Page
    • About Us
    • Form Integration
    • Profiles Details Page



    • Landing Page [Home]
    • About Us
    • Product Pages
    • Create a pages for Policies
    • Contact us page for Inquiries


Marudhar aluminium industries

    • Landing Page [Home]
    • Product Listing page
    • Product description page


Edit By Kash - Shopify Store

    • Landing page
    • Product page
    • Contact us page
    • Payment integration
    • Different Add-on integration for product variants
    • SEO Integrations


Clear Premium Water

    • Home Page [Landing Page]
    • About Us
    • Clear Products Page
    • Clear Media Page
    • Clear Impact Page
    • SEO Integrations
    • Automation


SoundPLAN - Shopify Store

    • Software Page [Noise, Essential, Manda]
    • Training Page
    • Support Page [ Contact Us, FAQs]
    • About Us Page
    • Add to Cart Functionality
    • Subscription Recharge App Integration

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