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Shopify, Shopify Plus, Python, JS, Wordpress, Shopify Liquid



Chintan S.


Shopify Developer

Technical Skills
Projects Worked On
Technical Expert
  • With over 9+ years of experience in Shopify, Shopify Plus, and Wordpress development, I have a proven track record of leading teams to deliver innovative and scalable e-commerce solutions
  • My dedication to staying abreast of the latest technologies enables me to provide cutting-edge expertise to every project
  • Focused on technical support for Shopify and Shopify Plus, I prioritize seamless user experiences to elevate online businesses
  • Open to new challenges and opportunities, I'm eager to leverage my skills in crafting exceptional digital experiences
Technical Skills
  • Shopify and Shopify plus Frontend and Backend
  • Shopify Liquid
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Javascript
  • React JS
  • jQuery
  • PHP
  • WordPress
  • Python, Django
  • Shopify plus
Work Experience In Shopify

Salamat Cookies | Website from scratch:

Description: The client provided a Figma version of different page layouts with mobile and tablet versions, I started with HTML, and CSS part first and tried to keep the website lightweight from the beginning. The process of work was HTML, Shopify Integration, APP integrations, Site speed optimization with lazy load custom script, and image loading as a background at last.

Challenging Part: Here client needed all cookies to be added in pairs of 4 items and many flavors to be displayed under 1 product page and the page URL must be in the form of Product URL and flavors also as products. I made it work with the help of JavaScript and jQuery code and I used Metafields here.


Pellissima - Website | Website from scratch:

Description: The client provided the reference website here and he asked for basic eCommerce features. I made this theme with complete custom HTML and used Shopify OS 2 concepts here, I started with HTML and did the same usual process here. Site speed optimization was the major part.

Challenging Part: Here I didn’t use any direct Images but made all those as background images and made a custom script here to load all images after the page load finishes. So, the website is loading in 2 seconds, and the website speed score is around 90 in google page speed.


ELF - Website | Website from scratch:

Description: The client provided the Figma version of different page layouts with mobile and tablet versions. Animation and banners were the major part here so, I got some help from my friend to design banners. I did animation with animation.css and wow.js and also made some animations with the use of CSS3 concepts.

Challenging Part: Here I made a store locator with the use of meta fields and jquery concepts and there is no app used for this work.


Quick Order | Unlisted Shopify APP:

Description: This is a Shopify unlisted public app. In this app, merchants can create a page where he can load all the products on the website and customers can buy many products with a single click and he can pay through Stripe without going to the checkout page. I made it with python Django and Polaris.


Product Document | Custom Shopify app for 1 website:

Description: This app is made for a single website and the merchant wants his customers to download documents by searching a batch code and in admin, the merchant can upload many downloadable documents for each variant.


Custom Checkout | Custom Shopify APP:

Description: Shopify has many limitations on the checkout page and I tried to cross those here, I made this application in PHP, it is a complete custom checkout process that stays completely separate from the Shopify’s actual cart and checkout process, the layout looks same as Shopify's checkout, Here I used Draft order APIs, Shipping, billing address validations with google address verifier and Stripe Apple pay and Paypal payment gateways used.


Bulk Product Uploads | Custom Shopify APP:

Description: My client is selling digital products on his website and all his products are 90% the same, He wanted to load all those products in Shopify at a single time and here I made a system in python Django where he can easily upload 10,000 product’s images with same other details and import all those products in Shopify by a single click.

Work Experience In Wordpress

Raadr | Wordpress Website from scratch:

Description: I was hired to develop this website with some assets like images and videos and also an old website. I designed the graphical layout for this website and started with scratch. After designing the graphical layouts I started the HTML part and integrated it into WordPress. Here APIs are used to display stock rates and graphs.


Mindtreatz | Wordpress Website from scratch:

Description: Client provided Figma version of different pages layouts with mobile and tablet versions, I started with “Listeo WordPress theme” and modified with the elementor plugin, I also used plugins Awin - Advertiser Tracking, Elementor Pro, ICS Calendar, Mollie Payments for WooCommerce, Rank Math SEO, Oracle Cards, WooCommerce, Wordfence Security ( For security reason ) and WP Rocket for website speed optimization. This website is highly modified and fully translated into the Dutch language. This website has 3 different user types, Guest Users who can book events and purchase tickets, and also can modify/cancel events.


Basers | Wordpress Website from scratch:

Description: This website is a job portal for Netherland customers, and here I am also registered as a freelancer. I was hired for full website development and here I used the KingComposer pro here. I used a few more plugins here as WPForms Lite, WP Rocket, WP Job Manager, Wordfence Security, ProfilePress, KingComposer, KC Pro, Classic Editor, and Advanced CF7 DB. This website is developed with a job hunt WordPress theme. I made a child theme here and translated the entire website into the Dutch language. This website is also designed from scratch.


Sports & Aqua | Wordpress Website from scratch:

Description: There are actually 2 websites in 1 network and I was hired to redesign this website. We used the Porto theme here and the Elementor Pro plugin. We translate an entire website into Dutch, and also the shipping is limited to limited countries. We also added a checkout address verifier here. There are many plugins used: WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips Professional, WordPress Importer, Elementor, Mollie Payments for WooCommerce, WooMultistore ( This plugin is used to sync products between 2 websites in-network. ), Wordfence Security, YITH WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter ( This was used for the filter. )

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