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Laravel, Tailwind, Vue.js, React.js, PHP



Umesh G.


Full Stack Developer

Technical Skills
Projects Worked On
Senior Level
  • I have 6 Yrs of experience in software development and have a strong command in backend technology.
  • Experience and Expertise in areas: Theme Setup, Wordpress Theme Customization, Responsive Web Designing, Maintenance projects, Database Optimization, Laravel migration and seeder, Laravel Passport for Api Authentication, Api create in Laravel, Third party api integration, Payment method integration using stripe, Laravel Socialite, Eloquent ORM for Database Relationships, Admin Dashboard (with graph)
  • Able to write clean and stable code with proper tastings and I update my skills from different learning platforms.
  • Fast learner and like to discuss technical stuff and overcome complex issues, good with teamwork and communication.
Technical Skills

Programming Languages: PHP

Web Technologies: HTML, JavaScript, CSS, JQuery.

Design Packages: Bootstrap, React-Bootstrap, TailwindCSS, Tailwind Components, MaterializeCss, MaterialUI, Ant-D.

Framework known: Laravel, Basic Vue.js, Nuxt.js, React.js, Redux, Node.js, Express.js, WordPress, Codeigniter

DBMS: My SQL, Firebase, PostgreSQL, MongoDB

Application Tools: Atom, MS-Office, VS Code, Sublime Text,Notepad++,

Communication Tools: Skype, Slack

Project Management Tool: GitLab, BitBucket, GitHub, Github Actions

Server Management: AWS, EC2, S3 Bucket, RDBMS, Docker

Operating System: Windows, Ubuntu

Projects worked on

Restaurant Application

Technologies Used: React.js, Node.js, MongoDB, Firebase(Food Location Tracking)

Descriptions: People can order food for Dine in, Delivery or Pickup

Role: Backend Developer

Responsibility: Create Database Structure and APIs for Android Mobile Application and Admin Panel

Tenure: 4 Months


HRMS Application

Technologies Used: React.js, Node.js, PostgreSQL

Descriptions: HR Software includes Employee Payroll, Attendance, Leave, Timesheet

Role: Full Stack Developer

Responsibility: Planned out Modules and flow of the application and then designed Database and Basic List of APIs to complete the module development; then designing the modules and API integration and developing API based on requirement.

Tenure: 8 Months


ID-Queue - Backend Portal

Technologies Used: React.js, Laravel, Ms-Sql, Node.js, Docker, PostgreSQL, Firebase

Descriptions: Requester can request for interpreters and interpreter can accept the request and help the requester

Role: Full Stack Developer

Responsibility: Implemented new feature like Chat, Email services, and Log services; Designed new interface in React.Js from core PHP application, and integrated Core PHP application with React.js, Created Microservices in Laravel for for React.js Interface, Worked on Node Js API for IOS application.

Tenure: 5 Months


Chat demo Application

Technologies Used: React,JS, Node.js, Firebase

Descriptions: I have created simple 1-1 chat demo for on clients requirement

Role: Frontend Developer

Responsibility: Chat application for internal use of office team members for communication.

Tenure: 2 Months


Active Solution India

Technologies Used: Node.js, PostgreSQL

Descriptions: Node API services for Android and IOS Application for Mobile Reseller App to track EMI and Due EMI of customers

Role: Backend Developer

Responsibility: API development for Admin panel which is developed by the client and Android Application.

Tenure: 2 Months


Crypto Website

Technologies Used: PHP, Laravel, JQuery, CSS, Bootstrap, MySQL

Descriptions: Optimize performance of an existing project. Website contains large amount of database, requirement of the client is to optimize database and increase performance of the site.

Role: Laravel Developer

Responsibility: Design interface with Realtime Trade Graphs.

Tenure: 4 Months



Technologies Used: PHP, Codeigniter, JQuery, CSS, Bootstrap, MySQL

Descriptions: US based immigration website where customers check their eligibility and according to eligibility criteria customers can apply for the Visa, My Role is to maintain the Website built in Wordpress and CRM in Codeigniter.

Role: Codeigniter Developer

Responsibility: Design Feature flow and Database and create UI.

Tenure: 6 Months



Technologies Used: PHP, Laravel, JQuery, CSS, Bootstrap, MySQL

Descriptions: In pandemic time the client got an idea to create lecture video for his students so the requirement is like he can record lectures for his students and also schedule online live classes to interact with students. My role is to develop a live streaming platform and store all the run time data.

Role: Laravel Developer

Responsibility: Design Application based with UI UX developer of client and Create UI interface.

Tenure: 5 Months



Technologies Used: PHP, Laravel, JQuery, CSS, Bootstrap, MySQL

Descriptions: Company product based on daily news and articles, Content creator can create his new fresh content and publisher buy relevant content from the platform.

Role: Laravel Developer

Responsibility: Create Admin panel and feature which are provided to publisher and advertisers.

Tenure: 5 Months



Technologies Used: Vue.js, PHP, Vuetify, Css, HTML

Role: Software Developer

Responsibility: Create Creative UI Interface by own and create API to fulfill the new design requirements.

Tenure: 4 Months


Unisol Internationl

Technologies Used: WordPress Theme Customization, HTML, CSS, jQuery

Descriptions: Online store for security products, biometrics.

Role: Wordpress Developer

Responsibility: Create responsive HTML from PSD and create theme from scratch using ACF plugin.

Tenure: 3 Months


POS System

Technologies Used: React.js, Laravel, PostgreSQL

Descriptions: Add to cart product, Create Order and Print out bill

Role: Full Stack Developer

Responsibility: Designed interface without using third party design libraries.

Tenure: 3 Months


Task Management

Technologies Used: Node.js, PostgreSQL

Descriptions: Project and Tasks management based on selected company and category with permission of user

Role: Backend Developer

Responsibility: Design database and Admin panel, Created API for Android Application

Tenure: 3 Months

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