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Android, Kotlin, Flutter, Java, Rest API



Akhil P.


Android Developer

Technical Skills
Projects Worked On
Mid Level
  • I Have 8+ years of experience as a Mobile App Developer.
  • To be a continuous learner and enrich my organization by stretching to the best of my abilities and to work in association with professional groups who offer me the opportunity for career advancement and professional growth
  • Seeking a quality environment where my knowledge & experience can be shared and enriched
  • Intend to build a career in corporate with committed & dedicated people, where I can explore myself fully and extend my potential
  • Working on a good number of projects from scratch to end including design, development, testing and publishing to play store
  • Strong knowledge of Flutter UI design principles, patterns, and best practices
  • Wrote clean, clear, efficient, well tested, and maintainable code
Technical Skills

Technical Areas: Android, Kotlin, Flutter

Programming Languages: Java

3rd Party API’s: RestFul, SOAP

Versioning Control: Github

Projects worked on


Description: By going into Lock mode, we can block your screen time from other apps.Win rewards by saving your time and participating in our Zen Master Challenges.Change the world by sponsoring classes for underprivileged children with the time you save. Our app performs like a screen time break reminder using notifications, helping you quit phone addiction.

Environment: Java



Description: Scouter is a football application that manages all football matches, schedule, score. Users can view the all live match score. Users can update their profile.

Environment: Flutter


Compressor World

Description: Compressor World is a worldwide online leader of selling air compressors for a wide range of business and industrial uses. Users can search for compressors from different categories, add to cart, order from the application.

Technology: Java



Description: Littlesharers is inspired by sharing ideas. Lend your child’s possessions that now lie unused in a corner to someone who will value it. And you can borrow prized possession. users can create lend and borrow requests with price or priceless.

Technology: Kotlin



Description: Control your home/office using various automation tools from scheduling and Auto On/Off devices. Integrate various electrical systems appliances from a single APP which can be controlled from anywhere.

Technology: Java



Description: Team Locus is a full communications & productivity utility ideal for organizations & anyone that wants to track their own work or to collaborate in a team environment.

Technology: Java


PenAndPaperApp for Spades

Description: Keep score of your favorite card game ‘Spades’ and share it using the Pen & Paper app. The Pen and Paper app is here to help save you time of looking for traditional pen and paper. Instantly share your scores on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks.

Environment: Java



Description: Volontime app is a task based application that acts as a digital platform to interact with users by performing tasks to make the world a better place. Each User will have to log in/register on the custom application. The system will allocate the task to the users to perform them to get the reward. Rewards can be availed only if the tasks are performed consistently the entire week by the user.

Environment: Flutter



Description: JRG is a service provider application user is able to register with as a customer and service provider. Create a post by category and sub category. Users can provide a service and also take service like repairing, carpenting, cleaning, pest controls, packers & movers. Book a service and pay the payment to the service provider through an application.

Environment: Flutter



Description: Level 3 is an ecommerce application. Buy hair products for men and women, home and salon hair styling, beared, accessories, skin care. Search by category. Order or add to cart any product within the application.

Environment: Flutter



Description: Yam is a platform for selling and buying fish in the UAE market. Seller and vendor directly sell fishes and make short videos of fishes. Buyer directly buys the fish from different vendors.

Technology: Kotlin


India Promise

Description: All you can change is yourself, but sometimes that changes everything. Start making this world a better place to live, Share your good activities with people and inspire them to do good work.

Technology: Java



Description: GoChef allows cooks and chefs to tap open their kitchen for communities and neighbors to eat homemade meals. GoChef turns every qualified kitchen into its own home, Dine In, Carry Out or Delivery cafe and makes online payment using Braintree integration.

Technology: Java

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